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I was wondering about Reedsburgs Redstone Crappies??


Hi Gang
  I was wondering where the crappie are in the winter at Redstone.  What part of the lake do the slab crappie hang out??
Just wondering ?  All or any information is welcome.
Rocky Martin
Porter County Indiana

Rocky - fishing the TA I take it?  You will find fish all throughout the southern 1/2 of the lake.  Fish water 25' deep and greater, and look for brush piles and steep rock faces.  The secret on Redstone is finding the black crappies.  Most fish in there are white crappies - blacks weigh more than whites of the same size - so blacks will be the ticket to win.  Last year, Shick and Lewandowski claimed they caught their fish in 15 FOW on the north side of the lake (Iceteam opened the north half of the lake at the last minute last year).  If I were you, I'd go find the deepest water I could - the old creek channel - on the north end of the lake, and poke around a bit. Of course, EVERYONE will be doing that this year :-)  Oh, and a SLAB in Redstone is 9-10" - crappies run VERY small in that lake - 6-7" on average... Good luck!

Hey Thanks thats some solid and great information.  Do you know where the old farm silos are.??  I think from what I have seen  the big crappie usually the black crappie would hold true to structure.  Small worlds within a world kinda thing.
Thanks a ton for the information and its my first Wisconson trap.

Rocky, that silo is somewhere in the main lake fairly near the launch point I believe.  It's not the whole silo, just the concrete block base.  From what I heard, a good walleye spot, but actually nothing out of the ordinary for crappie.  That is a BEAUTIFULL lake - you will love it.  One wild thing you will see, and then have to try for yourself, is fishing right next - and I mean RIGHT NEXT to the stone bluffs in the narrow portion of the lake.  You can literally drill a hole 2 feet away from the bluff and be in 20 FOW - it's cool as heck.  This lake and tourney is a numbers game.  You have to fish fast, catch and sort a LOT of fish to make a good weight.  However, bear in mind that Wisconsin is a no-cull state.  If you catch a fish and don't release it right away, it's part of your daily bag, and you can't release it later.  Total panfish daily bag is 25.  Fish baits that you can fish quickly - jigging spoons, dense leadheads, etc.  Good luck!

I've fished Redstone a number of times and find it a beautiful lake and a pretty good numbers producer, though haven't hit many slabs yet.  They're in there, but it gets hit pretty hard at times.  Fun lake to fish though.  I've focused mainly on the south end and done pretty well.  Good luck.


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