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I am located in Wisconsin and have a Lic. for this state.  I would like to fish the backwaters of the Miss. this winter mostly along the Wisconsin shoreline and was wondering how rules and regs are watched?  Do i follow Wisconsin rules and regs or where do i find the rules and regs for Mississippi River?  Thanks for any info anyone has.

If you're gonna fish the 'sippi, all you need is a licence from either states.  The catch is, if you launch on the Wisconsin side, you have to follow Wisconsin rules and regs on both sides of the river, and vice versa.  Any other questions, make sure to check the regs

Any body have any spots on the Mississippi that have gills, This will be my first time on the Mississippi so any locations to get on the ice around Prairie Du Chien would be helpfull. Thanks.

Have you read the books that I think lakemaster puts out?  They have one for southern mn, and it has the whole stretch of the sippi from st paul to the iowa border w/ hotspots marked.  Trust me, the spots do produce! 


Check out the Wisconsin Fishing Regulations pages 52-54.  Explains everything.  Try up around Alma/Nelson backwaters.  Usually get some pretty big slabs up there.


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