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The OFFICIAL NEBRASKA ICE MAP Team is accepting verified Ice Map Reports from Ice Shanty again during the 2023/24 ice season.

Please post your Ice Reports here, the Team will update the Ice Map.   ONLY ice thickness and conditions will be added to the map.  Please post your ice fishing success on a separate thread for open discussion.

ICE SHANTY will be recognized on the Ice Map Report.

The NEBRASKA ICE MAP is managed by the non-profit NEFGA.ORG with ice condition updates gathered from State and Federal Fisheries Managers as well as several approved Nebraska Ice Fishing Forums.  Bogus Ice Condition Reports will be relayed to the appropriate Administration for their appropriate actions.

ALWAYS check the dates of each ICE MAP report.  In Nebraska, Ice conditions can change daily!

Please message me with any questions concerning the OFFICIAL NEBRASKA ICE MAP or simply post your questions here!

Ice Fishing Nebraska / Re: Been awhile
« Last post by Showdown56 on Today at 12:50 AM »
Central Nebraska here. 
Waiting for good ice as well!

Ice Fishing Wyoming / Re: Lake Trout/ Kokanee conversation
« Last post by muskyon46 on Today at 12:26 AM »
Itís hard to get away from! But at least this is fishing!

Once law enforcement, always law enforcement ;)

Somebody's gotta keep us in check when that 1st ice is growing around here :icefish: :icefish: heading into wyoming Saturday, might end up on it in Utah though. Randolphs been cold
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Took a ride
« Last post by Steamtrain on Dec 07, 2023, 10:52 PM »
Looks like fun, nice catch!
Ice Fishing New York / Re: Predictions
« Last post by bosco2 on Dec 07, 2023, 10:47 PM »
I predict I'll be perchin' out of the boat Saturday. No sense in dusting of the ice gear for a while in these parts.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: ICE!!!
« Last post by Steamtrain on Dec 07, 2023, 10:46 PM »
I hope I donít fall in tomorrow. Going for a ride
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by mr.clean on Dec 07, 2023, 10:02 PM »
Good evening , a Happy and Blessed Hanukkah wished for any of the 9:45 and their families who may celebrate the Festival of Lights.

I was told by a neighbor there was a brief period of snow flurries this afternoon. I see gun violence hit my state earlier today. A 28 year old male fired two shots from a shotgun outside of Temple Israel synagogue in Albany thankfully no injuries or fatalities he was apprehended by police shortly after discharging the shotgun. His reply to responding officers at time of arrest was Free Palestine. Tonight is the start of Hanukkah.
This past Wednesday there was a meeting of the Indian Point decommissioning committee members of the public voiced their displeasure with Holtec corporation's announcement that it would take an additional 8 years to clean up the former nuclear plant . They were also not happy that 100 employees have been laid off while a court battle goes on a law passed earlier this year now bans the release of radio-active waste water from the plant into the Hudson river. Holtec released a statement that the additional time estimate was based on their experience decommissioning other closed nuclear plants and they were trying to be as transparent with the public and government officials as possible.  Saying they told officials in Albany there would be a delay in project and layoffs if the State Legislature passed and Governor signed into law the ban on the waste water discharge.

Ice Wanderer if you had snow today may the total be on the light side . Enjoy the break in helping your friend at his cabin. I'm sure you have other ways to occupy your time.
Hunts2long good to hear your deer is butchered and most of packaging of meat is completed. may you have the snow blower running and it have only taken a fuel change with some Sea Foam added to correct the problem .
Wallyworld I'm sure many parents and grandparents hearts skipped a beat when they heard there had been another shooting on a college campus. Then relief for most as their child/grandchild attends a different college. If you have friends/neighbors who use the same internet provider as you see if any of them are also having problems with their service. there is some problem with my provider system overall or here at my complex everything will be working fine then suddenly loose connection it may return quickly or take some time before things are back to normal. One problem here at my complex is in fixing one person's problem they may create a problem for another customer and do not take any corrective action until a person contacts them requesting a service visit .
IFF very nice work by the heating/air conditioning person. may the new stove help keep the house warm in addition to any other heat source you may have at your home. Nice that you now have a person to contact if you have any future problems.  may you have a safe trip back to Missouri whenever you depart.
Whopper Stopper may you have found a replacement gift card without any additional charges. Do you have your S-I-L's tractor ready for Winter . I'm also curious is she still feeding the local rabbits .
Eddie my continued prayers added to all the others may you be doing well after your procedure earlier this week.

 A good night wished for everyone. best to all fishing and hunting.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: NEW GEAR FOR 2023/2024 ICE SEASON
« Last post by RStock521 on Dec 07, 2023, 09:59 PM »

For a low, low price I'm sure, right?

Mr. Heater commented on the Facebook post that they'll be $17.99 - $19.99.  In line with the Flame King ones.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Jingle bells tip ups
« Last post by ont_angler on Dec 07, 2023, 09:54 PM »
Nice cheap and easy trick for some audible indication for when the flag trips.

Tight lines everyone 👍

👍 merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: Sunset Surprise
« Last post by saskbucks on Dec 07, 2023, 09:50 PM »
I hear itís a great unit!  I just picked up the Ion Alpha Plus.  Saved some cash and gift cards.  It went on sale.
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