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Bait shop near dry lake2


frozen eyelet:
Coming into area to fish Wednesday afyernoon and looking for baitshop near drylake 2.  Will be coming south up 29  Any help appreciated especialy if dry lake isnt ice ready yet

Iím not sure that there is fishable ice? Still lots of water fowl keeping spots open as well on many bodies of water. I know first hand lakes in that area opened back up on Sunday.

Sure we have had a couple cool nights but Iím not sure that I would even consider walking out to fish in that area tomorrow. If anything is completely iced over its not going to be very thick. And if any geese were there its going to be pretty sketchy yet.

frozen eyelet:
dang but thanks for heads up.  Will head further north and hopefully find some ice

Haven't fished there for a few years. However "The Bait Box" in Lake Preston is somewhat close. There used to be a bait shop in Willow Springs directly south of dry #2. I believe now its Prairie Storm Outfitters. I don't know if they still sell bait. Good luck and stay safe.

Depending on which direction your coming from Wardís Store in Bryant stocks minnows and grubs as well as a significant amount of tackle for a small store. 


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