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Not much changed as they kept the law enacted last year permanent now and if petitioned for a water to be closed it will be reviewed and if approved will be posted, etc,,, I do not think the issue was really resolved as there is still gray areas in my view. Will see how it shakes out this summer with a few of the lakes as the "marking" of a closed lake is not clear cut in my eyes depending on how you access it. Part is closed, part is open,,, Not good.... 

Any new info on closures and restrictions?  Coming up after Xmas for a couple weeks to ice fish.

ice dawg:
Go to reply #3 above and click on the link.

Thanks ice dawg.  I have looked at that already and am wondering about north Hazleton.  Last year part of it wasbouyed off.  Is it all open this year?

GB 83:
That part is no longer fishable. Itís closed off 😢


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