Author Topic: Night Ice Fishing Channel Cats at Lake Holiday IL  (Read 2759 times)

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Night Ice Fishing Channel Cats at Lake Holiday IL
« on: Jan 23, 2008, 10:37 AM »
Well first of all sorry for the late report but it was my wonderful wifes birthday yesterday and was away from a puter all day.

Got on the ice monday at @ 2:30 and started chumming with spikes to hopefully get them going at sunset.

I got 4 cats by 4:30 and then it slowed WAY DOWN? Usually once they start coming in at sunset it get's crazy but not today? Then it hit's me, maybe it's the full moon and they will turn on later?

By 9:00 PM the other 6 guy's that met me left for home & I am on my own for the night!

At about 11:30 they start up again & by 12:30 I picked up another 13 cats!

Then I wake up again at 4:30 AM freezing my #@$^% off! The heater ran out of propane and my Coast To Coast show on WLS is over on my still playing radio and they just announce it is 4:30!!!!

If I had not fallen asleep I do not know how many I could have caught? But after breaking down quick & pulling my Shappell Rover 1.0 with full gear in the fresh 6" of snow about 3 blocks to the car I am now sweating my %^%$## off!

All 17 catfish were from 1 1/2 to 3 pounds, all were caught on a tiny glow spoon with a treble baited with 9-12 spikes and fished within 4" of the bottom.

If I had not fallen asleep I may have possibly beaten my best night of about 50 cats! Oh well that was 15 seasons ago, many pounds lighter, and 15 years younger!

I do not remember pulling my shack and gear being so hard back then either!  :(


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