Author Topic: Last gills for me 3-18  (Read 4282 times)

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Last gills for me 3-18
« on: Mar 18, 2017, 11:32 PM »
Like most I had put away my gear but broke it out again on a tip from a friend. Met up (after driving 2 hrs. plus) with a small group and ventured out on some surprisingly solid ice 4.5 and up; mostly white but really tight with no water on it. Bite was horrible which I would never guessed, especially since it was overcast and snowing at times. Picked away and got my usual keep; two meals for 2 and was off the lake by two. Felt great to be on top again!
Apologies for the sink shot, but couldn't find my camera this am. :( A shame since these were some beauties.


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