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Baginwal - MSU alumnus ?

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 8)  GO CATS   ;D

When were you there?

 I was fall '81 - spring '86. Accounting major.

At the time, Bridger Bowl occupied most of my free time.

Good to hear we have some Cat fans aboard!

I was there from Fall of 93 to 98. Construction Engineering Major.

At the time.....123 East Main (Crystal Bar) took up the majority of my time, as well as the Madison, Gallatin, and Bridger Bowl to boot. However, I wish I would of spent MORE time at the later 3 of the 4!!! ;)


Hey there guys.

I was there from 84-87 Political Science/History
I spent more than my share of time in the Barmuda Triangle ( Molly Brown, Scoop, & Hoffbrau ).  And before I blew my knee out I loved going to Bridger.  

Cats are going to smoke the grizz in football this year and you can write that down in permanent marker.


Hey there fellow CAT fans and alumi. It sounds like I should have seen some of you leanin' against the walls of the old watering holes in CAT Country. I was born and raised in the Paradise Valley and spent 2.5 years at the college majoring in Ag and trying to make the rodeo team, but most of the studying was done off campus. I sure wish I had the money I spent wandering from bar to bar and then the suicide run to Stacy's, Gateway Inn, and Bucks Tee Four. Let us not forget the "Over the Hill to the Hot Pots Nights", I was lucky that I knew all of the "officers" from Gardiner to the Gallantin County line, and I could always pull into my sister's place and sleep off a bad night. There was no way I could bring the gang "Home to Meet Mom and Dad" in those years.

Well times have changed. The last time I was in Bozeman, I didn't even recognize some of the old water holes. Of course "The St. George" has been gone for years and the others on Main Street have been updated or have disappeared. A couple of years ago my wife and I stopped in at Little Johns and the Cats Paw. We did alot of dancing and socializing in those two joints.

Now, we are in MN, still working in Ag. We are better people for some of the experiences shared at MSU.

We are avid fisherpersons and get alot of ice time here in MN. About twice a year I come home and fish the Big Horn and the Yellowstone. MN just doesn't have the trout fishing that I grew with nor does it have the hunting. I hunt alot of waterfowl and pheasants here, but the deer hunting is not the same.

Hope to hear from you all again. Until then keep you lines tight and rubber on the road.



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