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Ice on Nelson?


Just wondering if anyone has tried Nelson yet?  Figure if Miles City has hard water we probly do too but thought I'd check.  I'm stuck on call until Tuesday before I can get out amongst 'em.  Tight lines!..........snuffbox.

I got this info about Nelson from the Walleyes Forever website forum:

Ice is around six inches as of Dec.1

Thanks Walltrout!  Finally made it out Tuesday.  Didn't make it to Nelson but tried some of the dredge cuts below Ft Peck.  About 8" of ice there and with us back around zero it looks like it should hold.  Tricked a few bass and some perch.............yum!  Anyhow thanks again.  Snuffbox

Hey Snuffbox, How big are the Perch?

Hey Earl Grey..........just picked up your question.  Few perch were about 9-10" fat little buggers.  Got enough fillets for a couple meals for gramma an me :P.  Not biting very consistently but hot for a few minutes just before dark.  Haven't made it out in time to try early daylight.  Still haven't made it to Nelson yet.


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