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--- Quote from: SpitzoMT on Nov 28, 2022, 06:00 AM ---Welcome to the forum !!
If you're interested in Georgetown, a good place to start would be the 61 pages of posts/info in the Georgetown Lake thread that is located in the Montana Fishing Reports & Conditions section. Lots of good stuff there...

Good luck to ya & stay safe out there !!

--- End quote ---

Welcome, and what Spitzo said!

Welcome to the Ice Shanty!!!

Icemen, especially in this group, represent the best and friendliest anglers. Few snobs and slobs. Always willing to help and share. I did get to shoot sporting clays with Norman Swartzkopf. Good shot and a better man.

welcome aboard xsmith... look on the Lake conditions and reports.. been posting a few times on Georgetown the last couple weeks.... enjoy and be safe.


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