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Tip up or Jaw Jacker

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Jackers work well for pike but you need to use quick-strike rigs or you'll probably miss the hookup. As someone else already said a lot of the time the pike will run with the bait before getting it all the way in their mouth, so if you're only using a single hook the jacker will set and the hook probably won't be in the mouth. Generally my hook-up ratio is higher with jackers than tip-ups and a rod is much easier to deal with that a bunch of tip-up line on the ice. The other nice thing about jackers is that they are usually hooked in the lips/side of the mouth, hardly ever in the throat and never in the gut. Where the jackers really shine is when there's a bunch of brush/branches/rocks for a tip-up line to get tangled in. If you set the reel drag tight enough it will keep the fish up out of the hang-ups after it's hooked but you do have to have your rig set-up correctly or you'll break off fish.

tip ups for me, feel like I've lost more fish on the jaw jackers... good luck this season

Ive caught pike on jaw jackers, but had to use a long stout rod and add a extension to the loop on the tip that goes to the trigger because the rod was too long for the standard one.  Use a quick strike rig with two trebles.  Most shorter rods don't have enough backbone to set the hooks because you will usually be hooking them in the front of the mouth which is a lot of bone and takes some pop to get the hooks to stick.  I usually use a tip up with quick strikes and hit them right away and rarely miss them unless they are dinks.

tip ups hand down for walleye and pike. alot of the times with a jawjacker missing a hookset you also sling your bait off the hook.

Jigging pole in one hand, home  made JJ not far away and 5 tipups set upů ;D


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