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Folding Smitty Sled for a flip-over ice shelter


If you put skis under an ice fishing sled, it slides way easier.  These ski setups are called "Smitty Sleds." If you do an internet search, you'll find pictures and descriptions of zillions of Smitty Sleds.  But most Smitty Sleds don't work with flip-over ice shelters, because they hold the ice shelter up in the air.  Here are pictures of a Smitty Sled I made for my flip-over ice shelter which has legs that fold down to lower the shelter down to the ice. It works well.

A disadvantage of this folding Smitty Sled is that the wooden box weighs a lot.  Now that I know that the concept works, I'm working on a way to attach the same skis and folding legs directly to my shelter, so I can get rid of the box and reduce the weight of the setup.


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