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Hey guys Iíve seen this on a couple of posts, Has anyone here used eggshells to tract perch or Pike or any other fish while ice fishing?

I have heard of people who are ice spearfishing who drop crumbled eggshells down their hole to make pike more visible, because they contrast with the white eggshells lying on the bottom. But I've never heard anybody claim that eggshells will attract any kind of fish.

People who are ice fishing for kokanee will sometimes drop corn meal or finely crumbled corn chips or oatmeal down their hole in an effort to attract kokanee, which feed mostly on plankton. As the corn meal or other attractant drifts slowly towards the bottom, the kokanee may cruise through the cloud of particles, snapping at them. 

I guess itís more of a chumming method, but here is the link to one of the places I found it referenced.

I have never heard of chumming with egg shells, and doubt it works.  But then, I have only chummed for sharks.  I know people use egg shells, as mentioned above, to create contrast when spearing pike.  I didnít think it was even legal to chum in Montana.  If youíre going to chum, drop a can of tuna or cat food down on a thin rope or line after punching holes in it.

This was a quote from a previous state biologist that I know.

ď Itís not illegal. Canít use whole game fish or certain parts of gamefish as bait. Some people chum with corn. Itís not specifically addressed in the regulations because itís not part of Montana tradition or practice.Ē


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