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Best areas for burbot?


Shark_ Bait:
Do you guys catch burbot in bays and sheltered areas? Also should I be fishing flats or drop offs during the spawn?

I've caught them in shallow bays, but also up shallow on a slope, need to find where bait fish go and you'll find them.

They usually spawn toward the end of February and into March.  They prefer gravel beds.  Look for gravel "humps" in 20-25 feet of water.  Work the slopes and any obvious routes in from deeper water. Dusk and dawn are OK, not necessary to fish all night.  Cut bait, live bait and spoons tipped with minnows, on or near the bottom.

Shark_ Bait:
I found a large bay that is full of burbot snack sized perch and smelt is this a good spot? Do I just need to wait it out until I catch something? I didnít have much luck last time.


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