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Jigging motion for lake trout


Anyone have any advice for where to start on my jigging cadence? I've been using a very large rip (about 5ft) and letting it fall on a semi slack line (spoons, tubes, jigging raps, swim baits, bladebaits). I've had plenty of interest, but they won't chase and I haven't gotten bit. I have a feeling my motions much too exaggerated, but unfortunately I have no one to teach me the ropes and I think its such a basic question that it hasn't been asked. Should I shorten my stroke to like 1ft? Or keep the 5ft stroke to attract them then shorten it? Obviously this changes day by day, or even hour by hour, but what is your opinion on the "go to" jigging stroke for lakers

Watch this and it will give you a great place to start.

Try dropping right to the bottom, then retrieve at least half way up as fast as you can. This usually triggers a few bites.


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