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Anybody getting ice yet?

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Billings has to be the San Diego of Montana, I swear it's always 15 degrees warmer here than the rest of the state :%$#!:.  At this rate we aren't ever going to get ice.

 Been cold here near Miles City. Local lake looks thick enough. Course I did not have spud bar or drill to see thickness.
 South Sandstone should be safe. It is always colder there than here.
 Gotta go check the freezer to see how much smelt I have left in my reserve freezer.
 Haven't seen smelt sold locally for awhile. Any stores in SE montana selling it?
 Dickenson ND food stores always seem to have it but not here.

The local lake (Spotted Eagle) has about 6 inches of very clear ice on it. I had to make sure the auger would start yesterday, and take the kiddo sledding. Let us know how Sandstone is when you get back.  ;D

South of Bozeman and can you drive to the lake or do you need a sled?

Weatherman is hinting that we might, just might, get some colder weather by the upcoming weekend.  Also hinting that this could be the start of maybe a pattern change to a cooler than normal stretch.  That's just what the doctor ordered.

Tight lines.


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