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Just curious how many if any one  does this,

i usually don't fish in deep bodies of water. But have read the pro's and cons. If i am fishing in deeper waters . i release it as gently as possible.

The sole subject of this forum is ice fizzing.

Just kidding.  I never fizz fish, as it injures them and is likely to kill them.  I use a descending device, specifically a Shelton Descender. 

You can get them for free on line.  An improvement on the Shelton Descender assembly shown in the first video is to use a rubber snubber or a short piece of bungie cord between the Shelton Descender and the weights, which makes it easier to pop the fish off the descender because when you jerk up on the line, the snubber stretches quite a bit before you start pulling up the weights.

There is a lot of good information about barotrauma and descending devices available on line.  In Oregon, when fishing for rock fish off shore below 30 fathoms (180 feet), you are required to have a descending device on board, and to use it when releasing fish.

I have a compact fish descending setup which I bring along when kayak fishing off shore, which includes a rod handle with the rod cut off a couple inches in front of the reel, a reel, and a Shelton descending device with a rubber snubber running to the weights.  If I want to or have to release a rockfish, I can deploy that setup and get the fish heading down quite quickly. I do a lot of kayak fishing for lake trout in deep water in Flathead Lake, but I don't bring my descender on those trips, because I don't release lake trout.

only after a 6 pk

Good share Pete.thanks for the post.


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