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boot dryer

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getting a boot dryer from the wife as a late Christmas present. who has one? What brand? Like it dont like it?

I use the Peet Dryer. I have had it for around 5 years and still works well and I use it a lot during the winter. When I put my boots on it in the evening, after ice fishing, they are dry in the morning. I just leave my liners in the boots.


  I have a peet , and no complaints itís several years old

I have one, not sure the brand, and so does everyone in my family and all of my buddies. They are the bees knees.

deer george:
I met the owner of the company that makes the Peet boot dryer at a trade show about 25 yrs ago, we did some trading of product and I ended up with 6 dryers. I still use mine all the time and I believe all my family still are using there's as well. If you want warm feet you should use a dryer and I know Peet dryers are a good one.


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