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1/10/2022 report

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After a lousy first 4 days on the ice on a couple Iroquois County ponds, I managed to put together a decent outing today. Thursday and Friday were both skunks, a couple gills and a baby bass Saturday, and 2 baby bass yesterday.

Went out from about 9am-1pm today and landed 13 gills, a small crappie, and an itty bitty bass. No size to write home about, but it was a nice turnaround after 4 days of lousy bite. Ice is still really variable, ranged from 1.5 up to 6" on the pond I was on today.

Glad you got some!  Good luck next time, too!

Thanks. I had been seeing fish, they were just dead negative. I couldn't get them to touch anything. Yesterday they decided it was time to eat.

I'm hoping to get back out maybe Friday, definitely over the weekend.

sure got quiet in here  ;D
bite not on fire for me by any means but have had a nice mess of gill and crappie keepers, with a few toads, each of the three times i have went
ice 6-7 inches and rock solid on ponds i have been in knox/fulton/warren area. still have a couple bigger lakes to try
looks like the season is gonna last awhile this year

The last few days have been ridiculously warm here, so I'm sure all the pond edges are mushy or shot. It was 38 Tuesday, 40 Wednesday, and 44 yesterday with some rain. Supposed to swing back down colder tonight, but I probably won't be doing any fishing until Sunday, unless the ice held up better than I expect it did.


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