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I live in Woodford Co but do most, if not all, my fishing in McLean Co. It's crazy how different the ice is each year on the waters I fish. I've drilled through 12-15" some years and last year, I was only to fish a couple days.

Doesn't help my go-to spot is an old gravel pit. Depth averages 20' with the deepest trench being 35'. Spring fed, clear, and deep so it takes it's sweet ass time locking up.

I do all my ice fishing in Iroquois County, and Newon County, Indiana. Most of my ice spots are small, shallow ponds or river backwaters so they make ice fast, but also melt off really fast, too. Last season I went from 11" of ice to open water in less than a week at the end of February.

Found a touch over 3" on one of the smaller ponds the wind didn't break up.


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