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Just under the ice?

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Iíve been reading about fishing just under the ice for trout. Apparently over any depth for the rainbows and in shallower for browns I think. Of course thereís no set rule but what is the basic idea of just under the ice? Few inches, a foot or two?
Is light from the hole coming down on the bait a hindrance or advantage? My main target is browns and finally confirmed they cruise shallow a lot along shore seeing them on camera when Iím jigging out deeper with camera facing shore. Very clear water, I can see far. Last couple times Iíd set a tip up or two in shallower water, (4-6í) bait half way to bottom and back off and jig in deeper, whole column. No luck except nice perch. Thanks for reading. Hoping I get some advice.

When going for rainbows I like to set up the bait 6-12 inches below the ice. I've gotten them in as little as 3 feet of water and as deep as 30 feet. always just below the ice.  The only brown I ever caught was on a tip-up set halfway between the bottom and the ice in 40 feet of water. Light didn't matter so much as size of the bait. I found the smaller the shiner the better.

Top 15 feet of the water column, from just under to 15ft. Shallow water too.

Thanks Roy, I read your older post about 1-3í under. But good to hear as close as 6-12Ē because I never tried that, seemed wrong and weird for some reason. But thatís why I asked. Thatís more like just under the ice. Canít wait to give it a try.
Poley, do you have luck within the 1í under ice?

They are a predator fish and like to cruise just below the ice.   The biggest rainbow I ever caught came when I just put the bait in the hole. As soon as it cleared the bottom of the ice, bam, it hit.  22 inch rainbow. 3 feet of water.  ;D  Another fish that likes to cruise just below the ice is landlock salmon. Same set up. bait just below the ice.


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