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Anybody getting thier gear ready?

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Yeah, just bought some fresh tipup line, otherwise should be good to go.  Need to straighten out the tipup bucket snarl from last year.  Still some ossified minnows in there, complete with treble hooks attached.  LOL.

Hoping to get the boat out before it gets too cold and GPS some structure to minimize roaming around on the ice.  Looking forward to a great season.  Vex, Clam, Buddy heater, etc. are ready.  Hopefull we will have good early ice like last year (around Thanksgiving Holiday).  Hopefully, the ice will remain good unlike the record-breaking warm January we had last year.

Tight Lines.


The jiffy needs some work, I better get on that. ;)


I admire the process you listed.  But when you're in 406 (a.k.a. God's area code), those "PBR" breaks should be for Lucky Lager.

I have been working on it all summer when I get the chance.  Being a full time employee, full time student, and a full time dad doesn't leave much time for anything else.  I Started a simple plywood shack at the beginning of July and I am still working on it now.  It just needs paint. I hope to have it finish before rifle season starts.

 I did pick up some nice deals on Ebay this summer though.

been ordering jigs, new rod and just purchased a new fishtrap guide her in the last week, should be ready by the time we get ice.


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