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Anybody getting thier gear ready?

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Spent all weekend getting my icefishing gear ready.  Built a bunch of quick strike rigs, drank some Pabst, tru-oiled the wood on my tip ups, downed a few Pabst, cleaned and greased the reel shafts, some more Pabst, set up my house and did some work on the canvas, a couple PBR's really hit the spot, put new line on my tip ups, really worked up a sweat so I had some more blue ribbon beers, then a really long nap.  Should be about ready for the season to start. ;)

I broke out my auger the other day to give it a few pulls, make sure it's ready for first ice. I also organized my jigs into some new cases. I made a new rod purchase so next is line

went down to sportsman whse got some red owner treble hooks,a few new swizs,a couple line markers.and a knife sharpener. now need to find time to tune-up stuff. want to get a light weight power auger they did have tipups out but no augers,what are they waitin' for :unsure: i'm ready     mofish

Let's see....ordered some marmish jigs (based on comments here). Got some material to make runners for my shanty(based on design seen here). Bought some fresh Stren for the bluegill rods.  It's about two months to first ice around here, I'll have plenty of time to get those runners built.


Yup my gear is all ready.  i actually did this friday during the day.  i switched my room over from open water to ice fishing and hunting, my hunting crap are just my guns and clothes the rest is ice gear.  Oh yeah I just picked up a  new fish trap pro, I was shantyless for all of5 hours.  i sold my two old shanties during the day and bought my new one that night.


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