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Trans Alaska 3 pac boots?

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Looking into getting a pair of these boots ! I need to order on line as there isnít a cabelas near me, so my question is sizing? I wear a shoe size 8 and was wondering if a 10 would be to big? Iím having a hard time finding a 9 online!

pac boots run small by at least 1 size. it maybe why you can't find them in small sizes.
i wear 11.5 and had to buy 13. they are huge looking like herman munster boots.

check the store for free exchanges.

Thanks , I rather have them at bit big then small!

I've got the TA IIs. My regular shoe size is 10.5 and I got 'em in 12. Leaves plenty of room for a pair of wool socks and some toe wiggle room. They are the first Cabelas boot that are wide enough to accommodate my feet at that size without scrunching my foot across the widest part. Also the warmest boots I've ever worn. And yes, they are a bit Herman Munsterish looking but once you get used to moving in them they are just fine.

Looking to get me a pair before next ice season. I am going to wait and see if the put them on sale near the end of the season.


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