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GREEN light for Laker night fishing?

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mark D:
 I believe they also need to get used to the light first impression would be scared of it if the lake is normally dark. 

I know this is an older post, but when I was kid I fished an open water lake in the summer with my uncle.  I rigged up a car headlight and strapped it to a small inner tube.  We went out in his boston whaler and anchored.  We put the light in.   Wind was blowing gently and the boat was moving side to side a little, we had no action.   We then set a 2nd anchor off the stern to hold us steady and that's when the cool things happened.  1st came these tiny dots swimming around had no idea what they were but they were moving.  Then came the larger dots with a few bait fish swimming around.  After a while, you could see trout swimming by staying to the edges of the light.   We caught a lot of trout that night on night crawlers.   From what I read green light is supposed to work better.    Never did do that again.  ???  My kids are old enough, maybe I will. It works.

Here in Alberta you can only use a light if it part of the lure. Picked up some 2oz. soft jigs a few years back that had a green strobe light in it, best Lake trout lure I have ever used. Found it on line but have not been able to find it again. Haven't fished lakers the last 2-3 years so haven't really looked lately.

Have used jigs/lures with light in them before but the strobe out fished them at least 10-1

Green lights are used to start the food chain, and it can take a few hours to see any type of results. I've heard squid prefer blue lights but I am not sure.

I've seen them used in salt pretty effectively but you need to commit hours to the spot because it can take that long to get all the smaller bait fish in, followed by bigger fish.

Ideally your setting up your hub, placing the light away from where you are fishing, ideally you want your bait right where the light transitions to the darker water. Do not place light in your hub, place it outside. Then wait, and wait some more. Again, it can take hours to see any result. I also have heard they work better in shallower water, less than 20 feet.

I tried mine last year at night, it took over 2.5 hours to see any type of bait fish and close to 4 hrs until any fish came in that would be worth casting to.

So they do work, its just how long it takes.

I used one for smelt fishing last year and it seemed to help keep the school from taking off.


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