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supposed to get close to 40 next week :/ hopefully it will settle the snow.

Yeah, it's been crazy in Missoula. Been getting plenty of OT having to plow snow every week for the last month. Heard somewhere it's the coldest winter in 26 years with an overall avg. Temp of 16.9 degrees.

Starting 2morrow it looks like another four mornings of below zero. Next Wednesday is forecasted to be +40*.

Mother nature is definitely mixing it up this winter.

3:45pm - The thermometer on the front porch reads 50* and the water is just pouring out the gutters.
Quite the change over the previous week.

Born Late:
As long as we remain stuck in this inversion it seems unlikely things will get too sloppy here in the Helena Valley.  Our temp peaked at 23 today.  Townsend appears to have similar conditions.


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