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It's been below zero for about the past 5 mornings. Sunday morning +27* when I awoke.
Snowed on/off during the day & tallied about 3" of snow.
Quit snowing about 8:00pm & it was +30* outside.
10:00pm..........+37* and a very light rain.
It's now 1:30am..........+41* and the occasional rain drops hitting the living room windows.
Mother nature changing it up I guess !!

Are y'all having this wacky weather ??

I let the dogs out this morning and it felt like a heat wave! Wonder if these weather changes are going to mess with the bite?

G fish:
freezing rain on top of  5 inches of snow and just got done plowing in the rain what the heck is with r weather?

Drove through Gold Creek on the way home last night around 10:00 and it was pouring rain and 40 degrees.  Goofiest weather I have seen in a while.....

We're up to -10 here in Great Falls at 10:30 am. I don't think our ice is going away for awhile.



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