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At what size do you start keeping crappie?

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Thanks for the advice guys. Hopefully I can catch some keepers tonight.

The lake I fish has a lot of crappies 8-13 inches. I really hate people that keep small fish and play the compation game. I rather keep a dozen quality fish than 30 crappie under 10 inches.A 10.5 inch fish would be my start but have kept thick chunky 10's.Last year the crappie ran above average 11- 13 where keepers.


--- Quote from: Swift on Jan 06, 2015, 10:44 PM ---Usually depends on how thick they are, we have no size limit here. If it's legal, worth cleaning and eating, go for it nobody will say anything

--- End quote ---
swift's got it right , if it's legal and your trying to fill the freezer 9 and up... but only keep what you need and don't keep going to the same place over and over and pounding on them, cause if it's a Small body of water, won't take long to fish them out.

9-13" for me anything under or over go back. But depending on the size of the lake, population etc that range can shift an inch or so either way.

11 thats when they start to get weight on them


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