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At what size do you start keeping crappie?

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Mr. Charlie:

--- Quote from: hnd on Jan 28, 2019, 10:38 AM ---we have a body of water that had a crappie problem tons of them but no size.   DNR put no limits on the lake to try and encourage people to take out as many as possible. 

We went down and caught as many 7-8" crappies as our heart wanted.   cleaning them was ok, (no rib meat) but ultimately was not worth the effort and i'm now 9-12" as our limits. 


--- End quote ---

I agree depends on the body of water. Sometimes you have to keep small ones in order to get big ones in years to come.

I feel people should do as we do and be able to control ourselves with responsibility, perch are plentiful so my start is around 9.5-10” and we get a lot of em from there to 13-14” any bigger will go back. Our min size on calicos is 9.5” so at least cant keep the babies of a scarce species, only keep enough for a meal or 2. Not that I catch more then that. And bluegill I don’t target so if I happen to land on some big ones go home for a meal average ones and smalls go back. I think my biggest take home on calico or gills is like 10-15 fish.  Keep the fishing quality as good as possible for the next generations


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