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Ice Fishing Maine / Re: Week trip
« Last post by Linedogg104 on Today at 10:07 AM »
This won't help at all. But, I jigged up a couple monster floating browns yesterday from my septic tank! Hopefully it at least made you smile  ;D good luck in your adventures :tipup: :tipup:
Ice Shack Tips / Spare Parts
« Last post by icehmer on Today at 09:52 AM »
New account, long time on looker on looker. I finally bit the bullet and bought a permanent shack(growing family, portable wasn't going to cut it with young children). Ended up going with an 8x17 Glacier RV model. I was curious if anyone has any experience(don't matter the brand of fish house) on what they wish they would of had for spare parts when stuff goes wrong or a list of stuff that have to be replaced regularly. I have LP and and a fireplace in it, will have my 3500 gen and my Honda 2000 with as a back up and bring my buddy heater with just in case.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

Thank you!
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 30 days out
« Last post by missoulafish on Today at 08:54 AM »
70's this weekend ((face palm))
I have the two sided 10000 mAh OCOOPA hand warmer works well...the OCOOPA Modular Hand Warmers have 21700 battery cells which seems to be good technology is a two piece system ...more parts to misplace . Be curious on a full review by members SKUNKZ and  badger132 upon receipt of them.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by fish/hunt4ever on Today at 07:50 AM »
Well the week has been busy for a short one, trying to get everything accomplished and ready to go today.  Been working about 11 hours a day, but have to hit 40 before OT kicks in, so lots of straight time.  Looks like we have one more trailer to load today so we will see if it all works and I can get out of here by 1 and then on the mountain for an evening hunt.  Been snowing on the mountain since Sunday night with a few breaks here and there, here is a web cam at the top of the hill Well it sounds like all have been having  good time and healing up, I know the cabin fever sets in on all of us, best of luck with that.  Dave that burger looked and sounded delicious. Well everyone have a great rest of the week and will report in when I can.  Team WW hopefully the fishing continues for you and the hunting goes well as good.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by icefisher-45 on Today at 06:57 AM »
Good Morning Everyone, 56* and sunny. Supposed to be a nice day. Taking the boy out to the lake to drown some worms. Will post more later.

I am still around, just don't post much.
I'm pulling out all my folding shanties and getting ready for the season.
I can answer any questions you may have.
I built the shanty a long time ago, it seems, but it still works great.
By the way if you spell my name correctly it will show up on the tube
Michianafisherman I live on the border of Michigan and Indiana so a 50mile stretch is called Michiana

Next week I am modifying my two man shanty.

I might do some videos? depends on who's interested.
I'm making it taller to stand up inside and a full length door.
This will make it more stable when towing so a tow bar can be installed.
Also a nice LED light so I can see the small fishing lines.
My fishing buddies are old so I need a one man operated shanty to fish when I want.
Making the worlds fastest folding shanty more comfortable is how I plan on spending my season.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: The New 9:45 Thread..
« Last post by hunts2long on Today at 05:51 AM »
56* and it looks like another nice day on the way.

Eddie, computers have a mind of their own, good luck to the boys up on the river. I am sure they will have a story or two to tell you. The boat didn't get used as much this year. It was either HOT or WET most of the summer.

Not a lot to move out of the garage to get the boat into it, more of a re-arrange things, like snow blower, portable generator, etc. I wait until i know the boat can be picked up then all I have to do is put the boat in and move the stuff back in.

The wife and her friend had a good time but said not much open and the leaves are just starting to change in a lot of places.

Hope everyone has a good day and be safe....h2l
Ice Fishing Michigan / Re: folding ice shanty MichiganaFisherman
« Last post by zcm_82 on Today at 05:26 AM »
The Shappell DX were the last suitcases I know of, and they axed those last year. I love mine, got it 4/5 years ago.

Used ones pop up for sale here and there. There were a ton of them made by a lot of companies from the 90s into the late 2000s before hubs moved in and murdered the market.

Agree with RonnieD, online used market is going to be your best bet now that they're obsolete.
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