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Hello Ice fisherman & woman
   I recently purchased a Lowrance hook 5 ice machine fishfinder Gps, the preloaded maps of lakes and ponds were not very detailed and not all of them had contour lines at all ?, So I bought a Navionics micro card of lakes and ponds of the northeast off of eBay, however when I put it in the machine it freezes the machine ?  I have called Lowrance several times but they just ask for all the details of the machine model# serial # ect. and say it should work. My question is do you have to be a member ? Or do I have to do something to the micro card, it is all new to me and I was hoping some of you may have some input on why it freezes my machine ?  Or why it does not work ? I know I should have bought the newer model that it is already preloaded but it is a bit late for that now LOL/  Any help would be greatly appreciated      Thank you

No idea but even my newer Helix 9 can take a very long time to load certain map cards, like 2 or 3 minutes. If you buy the card it shouldn't require subscription at all. 

I had a hook 9 on my boat, it was terrible, freezing the screen alot, I brought it back to West marine and bought a
Garmin.. best move I ever made.. When the hook did work, it had a great screen picture, but it was too inconsistant to be reliable.

Thank you Ruccus -Jethro
   I have tried waiting for 10 minutes and it is still frozen ?  Maybe the nature of the beast with the SD cards works fine until I insert the card it freezes instantly , Thank you both for your input

hardwater diehard:
Do you have the latest version of the software installed ..


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