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Gentlemen good evening. Iím moving to Stratford NH next week and Iím in search of any fisheries that may provide exceptional pan fishing for my 2 and 5 year old sons this winter. I looked up the bathymetric Maps and didnít see anything promising nearby. Possibly Maidstone lake in VT. Do the setbacks in the river firm up? Locals if you put me on solid perch fishing Iíll stay away from your laker honey holes.

Some good dudes on here, especially when itís for the kids


Head for Champlain plenty of perch


--- Quote from: Birchbeard on Dec 04, 2023, 07:43 PM ---Do the setbacks in the river firm up?

--- End quote ---

If I was moving to Stratford, NH - that's where I'd fish (setbacks on the river, once they firm up).

Set a few rigs up for pike (or whatever), then jig for panfish until you get a flag.  :tipup:

Bring snacks & hot cocoa for the kids in case fishing is slow - stay away from any ice near the main current.  ;D

Good luck!  ;D


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