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I've been at the very least expecting a "this weather sux!" post, but you guys have been quiet.

So, what's up? Any new goals for the next season? New equipment? New fishing partners? (such as kids that are old enough to hold their own poles now?)

I bought a kayak from a friend, who, unfortunately, lost his wife a couple of years ago, and it was hers, so he knew nothing about it, and well, for $100, I learned about it. Nice rig, but I get soaked getting out of it every time lol. If there are any sea shanty fans here, you'll know why I named her The Antelope. I'm ready to hang it in the shed and put on the wool pants.

My big news is that my company is shutting down for Christmas week, and I'm considering taking the week after as well. My boss is a fisherman, so he understands the need to wait and see what the weather will be doing.

Enough about my exciting rockstar life, tell some stories!

Replaced my tiny Frabill flip over with a Eskimo Insulated hub, new jet sled xl. Fishing partner is the same as last year, 90 lb mixed breed rescue that stares at the ice hole and judges.

not too much new for me yet, ended the season with a hefty snowmobile bill. It was due for some service and upgrades (hopefully I'll need it this season). I'm sure companies will come out with some new gear for me to buy and try out

Sounds like a great fishing partner, Denali. If you're gonna get judged, it might as well be by a furball. My old "grumpy old man" fishing partner was judgy, but probably not as cute as yours lol.

It never ends, does it, Bassin? We always need upgrades along with the mundane service lol.


--- Quote from: Guinea on Sep 07, 2023, 07:10 PM ---Nice rig, but I get soaked getting out of it every time lol.

--- End quote ---

Is it a sit-inside or sit-on-top kayak?

If it's a sit-inside kayak, the way that I do it is to pull myself up by the front deck (cockpit rail?), step out & hook the kayak w/ my trailing foot to pull it up on land.  It takes some practice, but I can do it in shoes + socks and not get wet.  You can also use the paddle to brace yourself.

For a sit-on-top kayak, I just swing my legs over the side and get my feet wet.


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