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With 1st ice being reported online. I just wanted to post up a safety reminder to all the ice addicts we have here as members and to those lurking for 1st ice. Try to not go alone, use the buddy system if possible. Always check the ice thickness regularly as your moving out onto the water. Drilling test holes as you go out is always a good idea to gage the good dark clear ice underneath the white soft stuff. Ice consistency can very from foot to foot so don't even ever think that you have the same thickness across the hole cap just cause you checked it by the shore. This process can take a few more minutes of your hard deck day but its worth it.

A spud/chisel bar is recommended highly and can be purchased for fairly cheap these days, if not that then an axe will work also.


A qood throw rope is a must to have. These bagged ones are great cause if packed right all you have to do is throw the bag at them, they take up hardly any space in your bucket and we also use it floating the river in the warm months if someone get separated from the raft or tube

$25 Emergency throw rope from cabelas

Ice picks are a must, I prefer this style because they store nice around your neck with the spikes protected in the handles when placed together. If they feel a little tight around your neck just stretch the bungee cord a few times and it helps

$5 ice picks from cabelas

Ice cleats are also good idea to use most of the ice season depending on where your fishing but ecspecially at the 1st when snow is not always present on the 1st ice caps. They range from $20 to $100 depending on your budget or requirement from previous slips/falls. I prefer the kahtoola micro ice spikes (these things grip awesome but are rather loud when walking. I really don't mind it wakes up the fish) and seen that yaktrax just released a similar version this year

Yaktrax XTR from cabelas

I have all of these products and for a total of under $80 for the stuff I listed above (with $20 cleats) its worth it to me. Purchase this stuff from where ever you choose, I just wanted to give everyone a visual picture of what I'm talking about. But by all means support our I.S. sponsors.  Feel free to add any tips to this post peoples.

BE SAFE!!!!! No life is worth chasing some fish   ><()()()>  ><()()()>

For your truck/car- having a change of clothes, shovel, tire chains, tow rope, water, phone charger/charged cell phone and a couple blankets is always a good idea. With a lot of our 1st ice lakes around here usually in the higher elevations the amount of snow/ice on the road can never be forseen and if you get stuck this stuff will be pretty critical in one way or another

Great post Musky,  I am sure we have all had some near misses on the ice.  Better safe than sorry.  Not worth it for fish.  I also have been thinking about those that have been found in tents full of carbon monoxide.  Best to check those heaters and make sure that vents are open and that the precautions are taken when heating those shacks.    Good luck everyone, tight lines. 

Great post Musky and great reminder to think of the "other" equipment and supplies for the vehicle too. It doesn't take much to find yourself in a pickle. On the way to the Scofield tourney in 2015, we were the first vehicle to come upon an overturned car on HWY 6. As the young lady crawled out of the car in the ditch, we were glad that we had an extra coat and blankets to wrap her in for the 30 min it took the first responders to arrive.

Thankful for my buoyant clothing today when 1 step took me from 3" to slush. Both feet went through up to my armpits but I floated like a cork.  Swam out no problem and continued fishing for a couple hours. Be safe and be prepared.

Also a good thing is to have a partner and spread out. Don't both be walking Side by side. We also try and not be tied off to our sled just pulling it. 


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