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I will not venture out on less than 4" of solid clear ice.
Drive out? Nah, I want to keep my truck!
As for ice thickness, unless you are hitting a new pond, we know all of our spots and know where to avoid.
That doesn't mean we throw caution to the wind and race out onto the ice blind-folded, but rather that we feel more comfortable about the places we will head out on.
When I fish my "regular" spots, I ALWAYS check the ice thickness close to shore to gauge whether or not to proceed. NOTE- I know where, if any, the springs are located so I will avoid those areas during the early and late part of the season. When venturing out onto a new body of water, I will check as I go and ask fellow anglers (when possible) if there are any springs to look out for.
The bottom line is that I check FREQUENTLY for ice thickness to prevent falling thru.


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