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Best perch lake in Saskatchewan

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Don't forget about Last Mountain Lake as well. Lots of lake to try between Etters and TTT Beach.

How about prince albert sask area everyone,are there any decent places anymore to catch
decent sized perch north of prince albert.My fav little lake winter kills often so they never grow
very big.When i lived in saskatoon we had lots of places to catch perch.Whats it like to get on to
bittern lake in winter as well.Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help with the p/a area


I'm assuming the little lake that often winter kills near Prince Albert is Round lake you are referring to. If your in that area Sturgeon would be the nearest lake to recommend for perch. Its been a few years but I used to walk straight out from the park boat launch to the drop off. Mostly small perch but the odd keeper and hammer handle in the mix. 

Hear of the odd group getting lucky with perch on Cowan.

Thanks slicktrick and ranger7 yes round lake is one of them and eagle lake as well
they winter killed there to a few years back and i havent heard if the pop is comming back
yet or not.Some say they have some luck on bittern and anglin lake to but havent heard
much about these places lately


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