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Hi guys, When will the ice freeze up? ???

December 20ish in small bays near Gardiner Dam. A couple of weeks earlier in Coteau Bay. I guess.

My first day out was December 29 last year on 6 inches in a small bay.  Elbow harbour had 14 inches by January 15.  I'd say we're about a week behind last year's water temps.

Well ... it would be nice if things started freezing up after all this cool/ cold weather we have had...been down to minus 20 ish for a few nights would think that the bays that are not open to the west/ east wind direction of much of this big lake would be pretty solid....??? But there is a Lot of water there to cool down....

have heard of people already fishing in certain areas on some bays. mostly locals or others that live close by. for me personally not a lake to be rushing out there. having said that I've got a few new areas I'm looking forward to checking out after the Christmas holidays. 


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