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QuAppelle Valley Fishing Lakes 2021 - 2022

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Bart Ritchie:
Mission Lake - LOTS of snow cover and quite a few long and deep drifts.  Navigatable with a 4x4 if you are not pulling anything.  You need to keep your speed up and watch for deep drifts.  Heavy drift at the boat launch, but had a broken trail onto the lake.  Need good speed to get clear of the drift

Making your own trail will come with challenges.

We were pulling a trailer (10’ x 6’) and got stuck 3 times in drifts that were long and deep (6-7”).  Lots of shoveling and some help from another truck and we managed to get off the lake. 

We found wet spots that had water / slush that were 4-5” deep near a section that had 6 holes drilled.  The weight of the snow on the ice had pushe d a lot of water up from the holes at that spot.

Mission will likely be tough for the rest of the season.

We heard Katepwa had cleared around the boat launch, so we will try there.

Bart Ritchie:
Katepwa Lake - boat launch area was clear and easy to get on the ice.

Few dozen shacks / trailers 50 - 75 out from boat launch.  About 30-35’ of water where shacks are.  Fished from 1:30 to 4:00pm… pretty slow, but 6 Tulllibees landed and a few more lost bringing them up. 

Beyond 5he shacks it looks like 4-6” of snow with some drifting.  Not many attempted to travel out beyond the line of shacks and trailers.

At least you can get on to fish.  Ice depth about 18”-20”

Does anyone know if there are any derby’s on the Qu’appelle lakes?

Has anyone been on Pasqua Lake recently? Specifically the steep launch at Wambach...wondering about snow conditions as I heard it was still fairly heavy snow down there.

Snow is very hard and you are driving on top of banks.
Not hard to get around.


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