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Last Mountain Lake 2021-2022

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With the first blizzard in full swing, the hard water is upon us!

Looking forward to another season on the Mountain!

I got eight inches:
I'm starting a pool for how many trucks go through the ice this year. Someone has to post a picture that shows the color and location. We'll keep a running total.

My guess is 7 vehicles this season go through on LML.

Place your bets......

Rule is it must be a total loss.

I’ll go with 5

So what counts as going in? Does just cracking the ice count? Or do 2 wheels have to be wet??? say the entire front end going for a dive??? Or does the whole vehicle have to be submerged???….And…do we award a prize for the dumbest driver of the year???
There are at least 2-3 that break the ice and go in at Regina Beach…..I’m a gonna say 9, that’s right Nine. A solid nine taking a dip in the mountain this year. Nine is a great number. No more, no less, a solid 9….😬👍
Place your bets......


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