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Has anyone been up there this year yet?  Wondering if you need sleds or if they are driving on the lake?

anyone have info on dechambeau?
I'd like to head up mid March if the fishing is worth it that time of year.. any updates appreciated.

Had an awesome week of walleye fishing on Ballantyne Bay, Deschambault Lake this week.  Take an extension and remove most of the snow first.  Gut piles are everywhere so no further explanation is required.  Follow the groomed road and the ravens.  Access roads are excellent thanks to Gary Bloomfield.  There is a small access fee for the road but it's more than worth it.  Stay fishing until at least from 330- 630pm  ;)

Heading up for the weekend.... how's the bite? Can a guy still get into Oskikebuk or is the trail finished for the year? Looking to get into some hot walleyes.

I was up 2 weeks ago and she was pretty rough heading to the buk going against the drifts on the big lake. The trail was as it normally is, rough. Some spots were starting to show mud. I imagine itís gotta be getting close to the bare ground after this weather. Did well on the north end. Lots of groups out and trying different spots to find the fish. Sounds like itís been a struggle. Also did well at the Ballantyne boundary.


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