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Turnaround time


Just wanted to say thanks to CJS on your quick turnaround time and complete order filled thanks guys

MN Bassfisher:
They are always great about kicking orders out in a timely manner!

Yea. They are fast with orders! I ordered a bunch of stuff last weekend and got it on Tuesday already! Will definitely order from them again!

Ice Junkie 76:
placed an order last night and it shipped by 2:30 the next day. great service from these guys. Love those ratso!! Thanks CJS

Very good company! Very fast shipping! I mostly have my orders picked up from their warehouse, but they are very fast when I need something shipped! Also the owner is extremely helpful! I had a bad batch of gill pills once (hooks were all crooked) and he replaced them at no charge.. shipped the same day, and included a free little yellow jig box and a free pack of plastics I mentioned that I wanted to try. I'm a customer for life!


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