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MN Bassfisher:
Let's see some of your fish taken this year on Custom Jigs & Spins lures or tungsten jigs!

I have always used several CJ&S lures through the ice but this year I've found a lot of success on them.

4mm Clown Chekai

Size 14 White Majmun w/ White Finesse Plastic

4.5mm Clown Chekai w/ Chartreuse Finesse Plastic

4mm Blue Glow Chekai


small gold glow slender spoon

MN Bassfisher:
Nice Bucket Mouth! I love catching them through the ice.

Demon jigging spoon.

MN Bassfisher:

--- Quote from: Kevin23 on Jan 19, 2015, 04:44 PM ---Demon jigging spoon.
--- End quote ---
That's a toad!!!


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