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--- Quote from: LoneWolf on Jan 12, 2011, 11:26 AM ---It sounds like you need a heavier sled .. maybe a wooden sled on ski's. You're also using an ATV so the weight doesn't matter to you.
Quite a few of us are on foot and we try to keep the weight down. I keep my bucket/seat secured in my sled just for the reason you described. I'll try to take some pics later.

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At a minimum, a solid tow bar, and if you already have that.... well... then you just need to slow down a bit.....

Nice well-thought out project.  Thanks for sharing & the pics

Here are a few of mine. The front auger support is still a work in progress but as that my Tanaka Powerhead hasn't arrived kind of hard to finalize any plans without it.



On my Strikemaster Glide Lite this allows me to carry my Sonic Ice Hopper that holds my Vex, 5 Rod/ Reel combos, Ice Scoop, Glen's Outdoors 1 man Hub (for the really windy days), Tackle Bags, Propane Lantern (for night fishing).

Once I pop up the hub shelter it fits over the sled so I can keep everything inside the tent minus the auger. I can use the propane lantern for both light and heat if need be. Can honestly say with the Sno Suit I don't ever get cold but when I have a buddy go with its nice to have a base camp for them as they don't typically dress warm enough.

I still have a few things to finish up but will get those taken care of as I get time and once my power head arrives. Also this spring I plan on painting the PVC black and securing the pole holders once they are painted with a few screws. I also want to put some runners on the sled to help protect the bottom.


Great ideas and nice pics.  How about showing one with the hub shelter up?


I'm sorry it took so long .. I've been busy with the Online Tournament and the local Get Together. As I had said previously I'm on foot and I was looking for light weight yet efficient. There aren't any elaborate modifications but they are light and work.
The first thing I did was replace the pull rope. The original was just over 8 feet. The new rope is right at 15 feet.
I added copper pipe clamps (the kind to secure plumbing to a wall) with SS hardware and ran rubber straps. This keeps my 7 gal bucket w/seat secure in the sled as well as securing other gear. I leave the bucket secured and sit on it in the sled as the rod holder is located perfectly. If I need to I can untie the knots in the straps and run them "criss cross" for added security and/or to secure my auger.
I utilized the same rod holders from my Fish Trap to the jet sled. I used 2 SS fender washers and a 2 pieces of aluminum angle with SS hardware.
I added reflective tape to both sides and reflectors to the rear.
I made a folding board that I can unfold, place across the front of the sled and use for my grill. The rubber straps can be ran across each side of the board to stabilize it if need be.

Again I made this to be light weight and functional for deep snow conditions etc.. I always have the Fish Trap for more ideal conditions.


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