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Uncle Al:

--- Quote from: phishmonger on Oct 24, 2020, 09:51 PM ---I dig it! And the old boys would have killed for a flasher, no shame there

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Us old boys caught plenty of fish without flashers. Walked everywhere that we fished and enjoyed every minute of it. Bait for tomorrow was eyes from todays catch, two rods, two hooks, walk out to where you got fish yesterday, kick the hole open with your boot heel, wait for the fish to bite. Lots of fun. Todays a little different everyones got a sled, shanty, heaters, power augers, some of us need them now cause we're old, but we're still going out, and still having fun.


--- Quote from: bart on Oct 23, 2020, 06:11 PM ---I went Old School last year. I'm doing it again this year on a nice day and early ice.
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Just  pretend the flasher isn't there...
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Quite impressed Bart. That will keep you toasty.
Hope to see you out there this year.

kc_, It was a fun project, if I went back any further than that you would only see a bucket of tip-ups and a spud!  ;D

Will see you out there...  Merry Christmas!

In need of a new shanty I was looking at the Eskimo Sierra 2 man flip over but after trying to pick it up in the store, it was way to much weight for my 73 year old back.  Sitting next to it was the Wide One Thermal at 20 pounds lighter and quite a bit less expensive so I brought one home.  I decided not to go hog wild with mods so I kept it simple.  First thing I did was paint the sled white but the so called "plastic adhesive paint" isn't and its peeling already.  A light bar was part of the package so that was installed along with a couple of shelves from an old Clam Scout.  I put a couple of rod holders in each corner using a h'talf of a door hinge for each one..a trick I learned here some time ago.  I was always losing my towel in the sled so I hung one from the ceiling and put a small box under the seat as I didn't care for the net that came with the unit.  Not pictured is an expandable net I've hung from the front ceiling to put my gloves and hat in...more articles I was always losing in the sled.  I had some Refletix (sp) laying around so I put some in the floor just for the heck of it as its very light.  Figured it would help keeping the shanty a little warmer.


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