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Does anyone wear a personal floatation device?

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Going to get a pair of Arctic Armour Bibs and wear a life vest. With the bibs I can hopefully keep my pack boots on and still be able to get out. I've watched the videos and the legs floating are the key to getting out especially for a big boy like myself. And yes I'm getting older and worry more HA. Be Safe

Champlain Islander:
I got the Arctic Armor bibs and coat and am good to go. It is warm and lite with lots of pockets for gear.

I have worn a PFD on late ice. Took 50 feet of rope with each of us in case someone fell in. But we did have to walk across a board to get to the ice. So we knew what we were in for. Only trouble we had was getting back off the ice we got wet.

Started out with a pair of SOSpenders now I have been in a Mustang suit for the last 12-15 years....can't believe I can still fit in it!!


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