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Sooooooo I finally convinced myself to upgrade to Livescope (LVS32 or 34 TBD)....  Echomap 93SV deal was killing me.  I did a lot of research and I think I have a pretty good handle on what I need to make it happen, but wanted to list it out to see if anyone has any other thoughts/opinions/considerations.  I don't really need it until next ice season, so I am trying to watch everything and buy low where possible (unit and bag so far).

1. Garmin UDH 93SV -  Cabby's $700 - procured
2. Garmin XL bag, base -  Bezos has it for $130, considered Summit, but cost won out - procured
3. Garmin cables 010-12531-10 $30 and 010-13140-11 $55 - Garmin - procured
4. Battery - [email protected] 20.8H - I really like the indicator and USB ports, no issue with other brands - $200 Amped 19Ah - $170 procured
5. Pole/Mount - Summit all day, seems to be the consensus - $90 $125 - procured
6. Livescope bundle w/ box - LVS32 or LVS34, leaning 34 - $1800 - $200 rebate 12% cash back  - procured
7. Transducer cover - $40 - procured
8. 32GB Micro SD for Garmin unit - $20 - procured

I wouldn't buy the Norsk battery. Look at Amped's options. I'd wait it out and see if you want to go lvs34. I've got the 32 and am playing it by ear for now. I'll probably go with the 34 eventually, but even the 32 is amazing.

Summit has the best pole imo.

I did not care for the attitude of the Amp guy in the past, so I would say get a bigger battery, but make it Dakota.  I have had the 32 since it's inception and love it, but would have to go with the 34 if I was buying new.  You are definitely going with the right pole.

Does anyone use the GT54 for ice?  I see that Summit has a bracket for the pole.  I also saw a guy on YT that uses the GT10 and livescope at the same time for deep water fishing. GT10 would be nice, but quite pricey as a backup ducer when I have the GT54 already in my hands.



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