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Ice conditions 2019/2020

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I Fish NB:
Tidal waters and designated tidal lakes are not the same. you cannot keep any sportfish ice fishing in tidal waters while you can in designated tidal lakes and the ice fishing season  applys to them. you can fish regular tidal waters 24/7 year round.i wouldn't take a chance of trying to prove otherwise in court.

It only  designated  for ice season then it turns tidal  that's from dfo officer

Ifish tidal and designated tidal are a tuely the same under law until Jan1st, thats when the term designated tidal comes into play. You are right in the fact you cant target or retain sportfish, but non sportfish such as pickerel ect Is in fact open 365 days of year. I have emails fro. DFO  office as well as both DNR and DFO officers, if you like ill pm them to you for reassurance. Theres a ton of people thay believe otherwise simply because of the vague wording and contradictions btween DNR nad DFO regs and other tid bits that are NB law.  Get fishin brother, your aloud to dont wait til Jan if ya dont hafta!

As for ice condtions,  6 inches on one of thr most  the popular spots on Grand, the keyhole. Maquapit has 4 to 5 inches of clear ice on shelteres parts of the lake. French is froze over but havnt heard anyone been on it. Indian is likely same as Maquapit, they tend to freeze at same rate. Main grand lake is pretty much wide open and parts that are froze i wouldnt trust
Tight lines

I Fish NB:
you are correct ,i just got confirmation that you can fish prior to jan 1 on tidal lakes ,you just cant retain any sportfish and after jan1 you need a license to retain sportfish on tidal lakes and you  cant retain any sportfish at all in plain tidal waters.


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