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What do you consider a big gill? I caught a few decent gills last year but don't know if they would be considered "big". What's your biggest bluegill and what do you consider big. - Fishinut

Fishinut, 10s are big around here, Personal biggest was a 11&3/4 inch slob.

Caught one 9" (thru the ice) but there is a lake I was on this summer and I was catching 8" and 9" on a fly rod.I will keep ya posted if I do any better thru the ice!

ten inchers are come monster gills and usually run around a pound or better. if you catch some ten inchers consider yourself lucky, and tell me where your caught them, lol!

Big giant gills usually come from farm ponds or smaller waters that are never or hardly ever fished. That one i caught was a monster and the biggest of my life. I was on vacation with the family wnen i caught it, and released it. Check PA. open water chat for details. :'(


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