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Anyone been down on the Kenai peninsula at all this winter?  And if you have do you have. any idea on how the big lakes are freezing up (skilac, kenai, and hidden)? I'll post this on the AK board but this gives a quicker answer ;D

well my dad called me and said there was no ice on skilak or kenai.  hard to believe with all the cold days they had :(

Skilak had duck hunters on it a couple weeks ago.  Some of the ponds locally are "iffy", ran across one that had a moose fall through it, didn't look as though it came up either ???  3 inches of ice covered with 4 inches of water, covered by 1 inch of ice, covered by 2 ft. of snow!  DANGEROUS stuff...

sounds like it could be, my dad has been taking my little brothers out on the mid-peninsula lakes and they have a foot of good ice on them, it does stay a bit warmer towards the mountains though.  I have been wishin i was fishing on those kenai system lakes for the past four years...boy it was good 1999-2000 winter.  Christmas break is the only time i go back and can fish it.  only been back twice since that year, year before last i believe...then it warmed up and i couldn't go back. :(  its such a productive lake its a shame its not froze....guess i'll just have to go by the tanana now :D


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