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Hello,  I am new to Alaska and now live in south Anchorage, I would love to do some ice fishing this year but am not at all familiar where to start.  Does anyone know some decent places to fish that are local to my area?  Thanks for any help.  I promise I won't take the big ones from you!   ;D

Thanks in advance!

Frostbitegrif,  Sorry I am not familiar with the area.  I have fished some small lakes by snowmachine and Fire Lake for pike.  -Barleydog

you can try lower fire lake in eagle river it has northerns, Jewel lake in anchorage has northerns and rainbows. and if you have a snowmobile or atv, try flathorn lake out in wasilla or red shirt lake out in the nancy lake area,out at redshirt it is a 3 mile hike  but in the winter time you can use atv or snowmachine, if you have a state sticker, both those lakes are pretty good, I hope to head out there in a week when I get off of work. Ihave not checked lately but you use to be able to use 5 lines out at redshirt, tip ups with herring work the best


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